AQA Eng lit revision cards poetry

AQA Eng lit revision cards poetry

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The Manhunt

- Tracking of emotions from head downwards

- To find the man she lost at war

- Rhyming couplets

- two lines stanzas, same shape excepty last stanza back to beginning found him

- violent imagery relating to war use of metaphots

- emotional scars and physical scars

- he is a unexploded mine ready to explode mental breakdown 

- use of powerful adjectives for imagery

- compare to quickdraw

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- Rhyme scheme abab happy rhythm rhyming couplet at the end

- Use of assonance n d slow down poem for imagery

- fairy tale imagery use of similes, repition for continous idea of love

- Appreciation of little time

- Money buys love

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- western theme, bias shows vunerable persona

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