AQA Character and Voice

Short points you may find useful for the poems in Character and Voice from Moon on the Tides 

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The Clown Punk

Ideas of: Identity, Stereotypes, Negative emotions, Status, Power, Pride and Decay.

Possible quotes to use:

  • "basket of washing..."- Dirty, Forgotten, Shows his status in society
  • "...indelible ink..,"-- Scars of past, Proud of them?, Individual to him (Identity)
  • "picture windscreen wipers, and let it rain."- Forget him, Move on, Sense of sadness. 

Possible poems to compare with:

  • Checking out me history
  • The Hunchback in the Park
  • Singh Song!
  • Give 
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Checking Out Me History

Ideas Explored/ Themes: Character, Identity, Pride

Possible quotes to use: 

  • "Dem tell me"- phonetic language, repetition, anger?
  • All the indented italic sections- not sarcastic, no rhyme, short lines: gets to the point!
  • Rhyme of stanzas- sarcasm, mocking his teachers, annoyed? 
  • "Dem tell me wha dem want to tell me"- Brainwashing, Force, taking away pride, loss of identity

Possible Comparisons: 

  • Sing Song! 
  • The Clown Punk Give
  • Casehistory: Alison (head injury) 
  • On a Portrait of a Deaf Man 
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Horse Whisperer

Themes: Voice, Damage, Pride, Power, Time and Change

Quotes that you may want to use: 

  • "They shouted for me when..."- wanted, loved, needed to help settle the horses
  • "but the tractor came over the fields"- change,techhnology, fear, anger.
  • "I was scorned as demon and witch..."- the people don't understand, fear, anger, revenge, still proud.
  • I miss them...the pride, most of all the pride"- loss, regret, no longer loved, no longer proud


  • Medusa
  • Give
  • The River God
  • Les Grands Seigneurs
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Themes: negative emotions, power, death, damage, men/women,voice, identity


  • "a suspicion, a doubt, a jealousy grew in my mind"- her feelings, over what?, very strong words
  • Whole third stanza- love, jealousy, desperate: "stone", veiw on men
  • lots of animal comparisons- pig: dirty, ugly- describing someone?, she is now an animal?
  • "Look at me now"- regret, anger, sadness


  • The River God
  • Give
  • Ozymandias
  • Brendon Gallacher
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Singh Song

Themes: identity, pride, voice, men/women


  • all phonetic language- shows identity, stereotypical?
  • description of wife- she is not perfect but still he loves her, proud of her
  • "How much does dat come to baby?... is priceless baby-" - mocking about his job, dreams, love, they are happy


  • Checking out me history 
  • Les grands seigneurs
  • My Last Duchess
  • The Clown Punk 
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Brendon Gallacher
  • Themes explored: dreams, imagination, death, character, men/women

    • Quotes:
    • " brendon gallacher"- possessive, hers, finds him specialis an object?, protective
    • "why not... no no i'd say"- knows he is not there, embarresed, possessive,, fearful
    • "and he died then.."- grown up, mum has burst bubble, realisation, sense of sorrow
      • Connections:
      • on a portrait of a deaf man
      • my last duchess
      • checking out me history
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    Themes: status, power, pride, identity, negativ emotions

    • Quotes:
    • of all the public places, dear, to make a scene, I've chosen here"- sarcsm, pride, not upset, angry,
    • "...just change"- metaphor: change as in money or change a in change of ways??
    • "that's big of you"- sarcasm, anger, jealous?
      • Connect with:
      • medusa
      • river god
      • clown punk
      • singh song
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    Les Grands Seigneurs

    Themes: men/women, power status, love, damage, identity

    • Quotes:
    • animal metaphors- men are animals, happy, flowing, sarcastic, arrogant
    • "i was their queen"- possessive, in charge, high status
    • "...called my bluff"- change of power, no longer queen, karma?
      • Connection poems:
      • give
      • ozymandias
      • the ruined maid
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    Themes: stereotypes, death, decay, rumours, pride


    • "two vast trunkless legs of stone" - forgotten, old, decaying statue
    • I met a traveller... who said..."- rumours, story?, not true
    • "the lone and level sands stretch far away"- decay, forget, wipes away past
      • Connectives:
      • Horse whisperer
      • Casehistory
      • Clown Punk
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    My Last Duchess

    Themes: pride, death, revenge character, voice, power, status, men/women

    • Quotes:
    • "a heart-how shall i say?"- sarcasm, jokes, trying to be funny, light hearted, creepy
    • "she thanked me-good"- praise, respect, pause as thinking time, panic
    • "as if alive. will't you please rise?" proud of her, sarcastic, back to reality, end of rant
      • Connections:
      • The river god
      • medusa
      • horse whisperer
      • checking out me history
      • The ruined maid
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    The River God

    Themes: character, voice, power, death, love, pride

    • Quotes:
    • "I bless their swimming"- possesive, sees himself as high status, in charge, like a god blessing
    • oh will she stay with me will she stay..."- sarcasm, knows she will stay, creepy, nasty
    • "hi yih, yippity yap"- riverdance, having fun, his flow
      • Connections
      • My last duchess
      • ozymandias
      • medusa
      • Clown Punk
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    The Hunchback in the park

    Themes: fear, voice, damage, identity, pride

    • quotes:
    • "a solitary mister"- lonely, quiet, peaceful, happy, likes the quiet
    • "tigers jump out their eyes"- violent boys, angry, big imagination, jumpy, on the prowl
    • "a woman...locks and chains"- wants a woman, lonely, sad, made for him, perfect
      • Connections:
      • The Clown Punk
      • The ruined maid
      • casehistory
      • On a portrait of a deaf man
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    The Ruined Maid

    Themes: character, voice, damge, jealousy

    • Quotes you may find useful:
    • rhyme on every line ;)- flows, sarcastic, funny, conversational
    • "oh didn't you know i'd been ruined?"- anger, upset, stressed, negative emotions
    • "I wish I had feathers, and a sweeping gown2- want to swap lives,
      • Connections:
      • on a portrait of a deaf man
      • medusa
      • Casehistory
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    Casehistory: Alison (head injury)

    Themes: damage, voice, negative emotions, dispair, love, forgetting

    • Quotations:
    • "looks at her photograph"- sets scene, sees a stranger, captures the moment
    • "consistency matters"- needs her old life back, pedantic, mind all over the place, fear, anger
    • "A bright girl she was"-repetition, past, was now has lost it all, damaged future, scared of future
      • Connect:
      • Hunchback
      • Les Grands Seigneurs
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    On a portrait of a deaf man

    Themes: decay, death, loss, negative emotions, character,sadness

    • Quotes
    • from nice tings to the horrible death quotes- contrast, mixed emotions, distressed son
    • "shaked hands with many friends" - was likes, leaves behind a lot, sudden death, understood
    • "I only see decay"- can't remember the good, sad, distressed, scared, grief
      • Connect:
      • Casehistory
      • give
      • clown punk
      • the river god
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