AQA - C1a 2.6 - Extracting transition metals from their ore

You will learn about why it is expensive, how it affects the environment and why it's good to recyle them.

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  • Extrancting aluminium is done by electrolysis (electricity) and that isn't cheap!
  • Copper is smelted from it's ore by electricity.
  • Titanium has to be displaced by metals which were obtained by electrolysis in the first place.
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  • Have to make quarries to get the ore. Quarried damage habitats and don't look nice at all.
  • Release toxic waste into water where animals live. Therefore they die.
  • Release greenhouse gasses into atmosphere and they contribute to global warming.
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  • It's a lot cheaper to recycle them because they are already fairly pure (they've already been sorted out once so that they could be used).
  • It's also cheaper because not as many greenhouse gasses are let out, not as much toxic watste is produced and not as many quarries are built.
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