AQA AS Biology - DNA Notes

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Deoxyribose Nuclaic Acid <- (spelt wrong)

DNA is a very long molecule made from 2 strands wound together in a double helix and can store massive amounts of information.
One of theses strands is named the coding strand and carries the code for specific features such as for amino acids.
Remember that it doesn’t actually make proteins/amino acids, it just has the ‘code’ for them.
The sequence of the bases can act as the code for amino acids. 3 bases equal 1 amino acid.
The other strand is named the non-coding strand. It doesn’t break down easily because of its sugar phosphate backbone.
The relatively weak hydrogen bonds between complimentary bases can be easily broken to ‘unzip’ allowing DNA replication.  
But the hydrogen bonds are collectively strong – holding the strands together and therefore preventing degeneration – or decay or broken down of the DNA.

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