AQA A2 Sociology Unit 4 - Crime and Deviance - Right Realism

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Right Realism

Believe that crime is real and not a social contruct. There has been an increase in crime and this increases the fear of being a victim

Right wing influences - Thatcher and Reagan - Get tough approach to crime

James Q Wilson - Zero Tolorence policy (New york)

Stance of crime

  • Punishment and control will reduce crime
  • Punishment is better than rehabilitation or tackiling causes

Causes of crime

  • Biological - low IQ
  • Inadaqute Socialisation
  • Rational choice theory (Clarke)

Herrstien & Murray

  • Biologically determined and have low intelligence = crime
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Right Realism

Murray and the Underclass

  • Fails to socialise children adaqutely (Best agency for social control = nuclear family)
  • Behaviour is deviant
  • Live in a dependancy culture
  • Absent fathers and single mothers (Gangs for role models)

Absent fathers and single mothers 

  • Ineffective socialiation, lack of parental disapline, deliquent role models (gangs)

Rational choice theory

  • Clarke - percieved rewards outway percieved costs of getting caught


  • Ignores social issues
  • Overstates how offenders way up costs
  • Zero tolorence has lead to policing issues
  • Ignores utilitarian crimes
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