AQA A2 Sociology Unit 4 - Crime and Deviance - Science Debate

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Science Debate Part One

Interpretivists ( Not a Science)

  • Impossible to predict human behaviour or establish a cause and effect
  • Necessary to get personally involved (Qualitative Approach)

Data collection typesParticipant observation, informal interview, open ended questions, personal

Study of SoceityObject to lab based experiments, Hawthorne Effect, Valid = no persuasion 

Positivists (Science)

Data CollectionOfficial statistics, comparative analysis, surverys, formal interviews

As a Science - Open mindedness, value free - no bias, Findings - open to criticism 

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Science Debate Part Two

Sloppy Approach 

  • Difficult to replicate
  • Scientific knowledge = socially constructed
  • Realist - Bhaskar - Not all social factors can be measured

Poppers - Falsification Theory

  • No hypothesis can fully be proven true - will change at some point
  • Proving them wrong = scientific truth
  • AO2 - Kuhn - Paradigms (belief) - Fit their observations to the Paradigms rather than falsify 

Kaplan - Reconstructed Logic 

  • Formal scientific logical methods used in proper science 
  • May be wrong as they focus on the paradigm rather than the science (Social Influences) 
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