AQA A2 Sociology Unit 4 - Crime and Deviance - Interactionism

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Labelling Theory

Becker - Deviant = Label applied succesfully

Chambliss - Saints and Roughnecks

  • Roughnecks were classed as deviant, saints were not even though they took part in the same crimes
  • Roughnecks - 2 teachers, 2 serious offenders, 2 trouble with police 
  • Saints - All graduated, Middle class, went to college

Lemert - Primary and Secondary Deviance

  • Primary - Doing deviant acts, but not seeing them as deviant 
  • Secondary - Named and Shamed =  master status and deviant career (Voids other labels

Young - Police labelling 

  •  labelled, rejected by mainstream society = developed into subcultures (Social Control
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Deviancy Amplification and Refuting the Label

Downes & Rocks - Not everyone absorbs the label

Riess - Male Prositiutes reject the homosexual label - saying "Its part of the job"

Deviancy Amplification 

  • Deviance occurs
  • Reaction by police and media
  • More deviance, or percieved deviance 
  • Moral Panic
  • Social controlsincrease
  • Again more deviance 
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Folk Devils and evaluations

Stan Cohen - Folk Devils and Moral Panic 

  • Societal rection to Mods and Rockers demonized them
  • Social controls reacted - harsher penalties
  • Seen as Folk Devils 
  • Reaction to deviance = Moral panic


  • Too Deterministic
  • Too Sympathetic to offenders
  • Ignores who has the power to label (Marxist) 
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