AQA A2 Law Unit 3 - Evaluations - Consent

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Informed Consent

Informed Consent

  • Contradictions in the law lead to confusion

Richardson  - If victim's were are that the dentist had been struck off, they would not have given consent

Tabassum - Consent under false pretences - Breast examinations, believed he was a medical professional ( No genuine consent)

Dica - Consent under false pretences - Biological GBH

( How the law and morality reflect each other)

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Euthanasia is illegal - you cannot give consent to die

Decision was challenged by Tony Nicklinson - Suffered from locked in syndrome - Appeal rejected 

Some people believe we should have the right to autonomy  (freedom of choice to die)

  • May impact on elderly, seriously ill and disabled as their lives would be seen as less valuable 
  • Santity of life would be undermined 
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Individual Freedom

Individual Freedom

Should the law alter individual's choices?

Brown - what is done in the home should not be criticised by law until may cause serious harm ( Sado-masicism)

  • People can give consent to body adornments but not sexual gratification 

How law is linked to morality 

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Law Commission 

  • Clarity due to conflicting decisions 
  • Consent valid unless causing serious disabling or causes death 
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