AQA A2 Biology - Chapter 7 - Ecological Succession

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AQA A2 Biology

Chapter 7 - Ecological Succession

Topic 7.1 - Succession

Topic 7.2 - Conservation of Habitats

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AQA A2 Biology - Topic 7.1 - Succsession

  • Succession --> term to describe changes taking place over time
  • 1st Step is --> colonisation of an inhospitable environment by organisms --> called pioneer species --> their features suit them because they:
  • rapidly germinate seeds
  • reach isolated areas easily
  • have the ability to photosynthesise
  • have the ability to fix nitrogen
  • have tolerance to extreme conditions
  • Succession takes place in a series of stages --> at each stage certain species can be identified which change the environment --> therefore the environment becomes more suitable for other species --> these other species out compete current species --> this forms a new community
  • During any succession, common features are:
  • the non-living environment becomes less hostile which leads to -->
  • greater number and variety of habitats which produce -->
  • increased biodiversity which lead to -->
  • more complex food webs
  • increased biomass
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