AQA 6 marks questions

how to answer a six mark discussion question at the end of each topic on the exam.

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How to answer a 6 mark question

1st mark: your opinion (eg., i agree/disagree) & reason

2nd mark: a second reason

3rd mark: a third reason

or alternatively you could put either just one or two reasons with detailed development to gain the first three marks.

4th mark: alternative side to the argument & reason

5th mark: religous point of view & reason - you must include a religious opinion to gain higher than 3 marks for this question. don't write 'all christians think that...' because they don't. write 'a chrisitan may say that...'

6th mark: use of conclusion/balanced argument - you can still gain full marks without a conclusion but in this case the argument would need to be balanced with an equal number of points on either side.

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