Focus groups and surveys

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What is a focus group?

Type of group interview

Group interaction on selected topic

4-8 people per group

Used for:

  • investigating new topics
  • explore interaction in social setting
  • understand group processes
  • alongside other methods
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Setting up a focus group

Who do you want to speak to?

Invite in advance (over recruit and over remind)

Clearly explain the study, emphasise its anonymous

Incentivise participation

Moderator is key!! 

  • set expectations, start conversations
  • steer conversation and enable participation
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Translating concepts of interest into measurable sources of data

Some easier than others

The good:

  • Closed vs open ended questions
  • Multiple choice 
  • Likert scales (1-5)

The bad:

  • Leading questions
  • Too complicated
  • Ambiguous
  • Embarrasing/sensitive
  • Long
  • Too many questions
  • Doubling up
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