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This is Revision for the topic unit 1.

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Balanced Diet

7 nutrients        Carbs, protein, water, fibre, vitimans, minerals, Fats        

Carbs- energy

Protein- growth and repair  

Fats- insulation

 Vitimans and minerals- fight disease

Fibre- stops constipation

Water- 70% of body made up of it        

Saturated- bad

Unsaturated- good                                       

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Food tests

Starch- black- iodine

Protein- purple- buirex

Glucose- orange- benedicts

Fat- cloudy when mixed with water- alcohol

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Vitamins, minerals

Vitiman a- fat- healthy eyesight + skin - spinich + carrots

Vitiman b- Water- relese energy, nerve functions- nuts

Vitamin c- water- body immune system- oranges, lemons

Vitamin d- Fat- healthy teeth and bones- oilly fish, fortified milk

Vitamin k- fat-stops blood cluts- dark green veg

Iron- helps body to make hemoglobin- spinach, brocolli, liver

Phosphurus- releases energy from food- meats, fish and eggs

Calcium- healthy teeth and bones- dairy products

Zinc- helps wounds heal- meat, liver and seafood

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Vitiman Deficiency

A- night blindness- Dry skin + mucous- raw carrots

B- anemia- mouth sores, low red blood cells- nuts

C- scurvy- bleeding gums, bruising, nose bleeds- fruit juice or fruit

D- rickets- weak teeth and bones- milk

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