Application of ethical theories to abortion

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Christian ethics

  • The sancity of life is important to all christians.
  • A child is seen as a gift from God, and should not be destoyed.
  • For catholics, who hold a strong sanctity of life argument .abortion goes against natural law (reproduction and preservation of life) and is murder as they belive a embyo has the same staus of any other human.
  • Anglicans see all human life as unique and intrinsically valuable so would consider baortion evil but they follow a weaker sanctity of life argument so treat each situation with compassion.
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Natural law

  • Preservation of life is paramount , as abortion is murder.
  • The primary precept of reproduction should be considered.
  • The unborn child has the same status as any other human.
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  • Happiness Vs pain is an important consideration for utiliatarians.
  • Focuses on the outcome not the action.
  • Life dosent have intrinsic value for utiliatairans.
  • Preference utilitarians considers the preferenc of the mother and other family members.
  • Considers the foetus as a potential person not an actual person.
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Kantain ethics

  • Treat people as ends not means.
  • Abortion could be seen as a right if a foetus is not considered to be a rational, reasoning being.
  • Abortion could be seen as wrong if the mother does it for slefish reasons only, eg, to protect her career.
  • Humans have intrinsic worth, they as valued as "beyond all price" so this could be applied to potential humans too.
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A women's rights applied to abortion

Germaine Geer argued that a women had the right to control their own body.

  • Feminists argue that by making abortion legal, it would cut the number of deaths of women from the so called backstreet abortion.
  • Next they argued that unwanted babies often live an intolerable life of poiverty and social deprivation.
  • Last, they saw the ban on abortion as part of the male domination of the legal profession, and more broadly the ncontrol of women by men.
  • Locke argued that it is is your body so you can do whatever you choose.
  • Lockes ownership of our bodies comes from his idea of personhood-God has given human rights over their own bodies because he has given us the power of reasoning so that we can use it to improve our lives. Lockes ideas seem to suggest that a woman has the right to decide what happens to her body and supports abortion if it will improve her life and that of her family, as a foetus is no different to any other part of the body.
  • Mill - on liberty suggests that abortion is okay if it does not harm anyone. He also suggested 3 harmless crimes that can be done in the home- prostitution,cannabis and homosexuality are okay if they do not harm anyone.
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