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Raine et al 2000 APD

Aim: To support the theory that an abnormal prefrontal cortex causes APD 

Method: MRI ( Magnetic resonance imaging) was used to test 21 men with APD and a control group of 34 healthy males. ps all volunteers

Results: The APD group had an 115 reduction in prefrontal grey tissue compared with the control group 

Conclusion: APD is caused by a reduced prefrontal cortex

Indpendant: The groups of men had different number and 1 group at APD and the other was healthy

Dependant: The amount of grey tissue in the prefrontal cortex

Evaluation: + It adds support to the idea that there are bioloical explanations for APD. A brain abnormality in the prefrontal cortex

- Only male- Andocentric bias

- Volunteer p.s Not a representative sample to generalise from

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