AOS4 Skye Waulking Song - Capercaille

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Metre, Rhythm and Tempo


12/8 Compound quadruple


  • Cross rhythms in hi hat part
  • Syncopation
  • Voice used as a rhythmic feature


Moderate throughout

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Dynamics, Accompaniment/Instrumentation and Textur


  • Varies throughout, with sudden changes
  • Contrasts between loud instrumental and next verse


  • Keyboard, bass, drums, voice, fiddle, bouzouki, accordian, uilleann pipes + acoustic guitar
  • Synth plays long E minor chord in intro
  • Tremolo on fiddle in intro
  • Uillean pipes and fddle have a solo
  • Accordian accents 2nd and 5th beats and occasionally doubles them


Largely homophonic, fiddle and uilleann pipes solo form heterophony

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Harmony and Tonality, Melody and Form/Structure

Harmony and Tonality

  • Modal
  • Formed around E Aeolian scale - Em - G
  • Simple progressions - C - G -Em - G (main)


  • Based on E minor pentatonic
  • Use of nonsense syllables (vocables)
  • Backing vocals also use nonsense syllables


Intro - Verse 1-6 - Instrumental - Verse 7-8 - Outro (coda)

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