AOS4 Rag Desh

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  • No metre - use of tala (rhythmic cycle
  • Alap (intro) is unmetred

Shankar - Gat 1 - Jhaptal (10 beats)

              - Gat 2 - Teental (16 beats)

Chiranji Lal Tamwar - Bhajan Keherwa (8 beats)

Wertheimer/Gorn - Gat 1 - Rupak (7 beats)

                            - Gat 2 - Ektal (12 beats).

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Rhythm and Tempo


  • Simple rhythms in the alap
  • More complicated rhythms in gat
  • Rhythm patterns called bols
  • Syncopation.


Alap is slow

Gat starts fast and continues to quicken.

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Dynamics and Accompaniment/Instrumentation


Alap is quiet, while the rest of the piece will vary


Shankar - Use of sitar (for melody and drone) and tabla (for percussion)

Tanwar - Use of voice, serangi (to double the voice), tabla pakawaj (for cymbols and percussion) and the sarod

Gorm and Wert - Use of bansuri (for melody), esraj/tambura (as a drone) and tabla (for percussion).

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Texture, Harmony and Tonality


Mainly homophonic (drone as accompaniment) with bits of polyphony.

Harmony and Tonality

  • Uses drones instead of chords
  • Uses (based around) a rag, which is like a scale or melody (where rag desh from)
  • Played at night, during the monsoon or rainy season.
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Melody and Form/Structure


  • Alap is improved and explores the pitches in the rag
  • Gat featueres a fixed composition, but is also mainly improvised
  • Gat also features rapid melodic sections, which are virtuosic displays


Shankar and Gorm/Wert: starts with alap - gat 1 - gat 2

Charanji: alap- bhajan (a hindu devotional song)

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