AO2 - Evaluation of Loftus and Palmer.


AO2 - Evaluation of Loftus and Palmer

  • Low in generalisability TiB all pp were students so the results would not be generisable of wider population.Also, sample only consisted of 45 students and so is not representetive of population. The second was 150 split into 3 groups and so is stioll not representative
  •  + High in reliability TiB lab experement so with controle over EV such aswhat clip pp watched and the questions they anwsered. They all experienced same environment and procedure.
  • + Good practical aplications - Police and eye whitnesses when asking questions.
  • pp were aware of study and may not have acted as they would in real life.TiB would lead to demand charicteristics as they were psycholoy students.
  • Real whitnesses would be questioned by police in interview setting not by questionaire and so ecological validity is low.
  • Ethics - pp may have been distresed
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