AO1 music GCSE - Glory of the Lord, symphony in G Minor, Raindrop Prelude

basic notes for AO1 GCSE MUSIC

'And the Glory of the Lord' - Handel

'Symphony in G Minor' - Mozart

'Raindrop Prelude' - Chopin

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baroque - Glory of the Lord -1

HANDEL - 1741

baroque era 1600-1750

Often uses the harpsichord

homophonic and polyphonic textures

imitation and sequences

A MAJOR - (modulates to E major and B major) 

Terraced dynamics - no crescendo or diminuendo

 There is a dramiatic rest before the final loud candence

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baroque - Glory of the Lord -2

4 main melodies:

1 - And the Glory of the Lord

2 - Shall be revealed

3 - And all Flesh shall see together

4 - For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it

JOYFULL mood - major

fast tempo

3/4 but at times feels 2/4 - HEMIOLA

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symphony in G minor - Mozart

1788 - MOZART 
Classical era

Development - Motif of first subject developed in central section


G MINOR - modulates to G MINOR
oboes + bassoons = harmonic feeling

ends with a CODA

sonata 3 or 4 movements of contrasting forms
ends with a CODA

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