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Cognitive anxiety:

  • Thoughts, nervousness, apprehension or worry that a performer has about their lack of ability to complete a task successfully
  • I can't do this

Somatic anxiety:

  • Physiological responses to a situation where a performer feels that they may be unable to cope. Symptoms include sweating.

Trait anxiety:

  • An enduring personality trait, giving a tendency to view all situations as threatening.

State anxiety:

  • Anxiety felt in a particular situation.
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Measuring Anxiety

There are three ways to measure anxiety. This is through:

  • Observation
  • Questionnaires
  • Physiological


  • Physiological - in an artifical situation and could make someone nervous
  • Observation - in an artifical situation could lead to an increase in anxiety
  • Questionnaires - may not reflect individuals true feelings. However quick and easy to measure.
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