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-Stress can be either positive (eustress) or negative (anxiety).

-Stressors is the term given to anything that causes stress to be experienced.

-Stressors can be very specific or general. The level of their effect depends on a person's perceptions of them in relation to their own percieved capabilities.

-Examples of sporting stressors include competition, frustration, conflict and environmental factors.

-The General Adaption Syndrome explains how the body responses to stress.

-The GAS occurs in three stages; alarm, resistance and exhaustion.

-Anxiety is a negative emotional state associated with feelings of apprehension and worry caused by over arousal as a result of being stressed.

-Trait anxiety is a predisposition to percieve situations as potentially more threatening than they are.

-State anxiety is the changing emotional state a person experiences in specific situations.

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Anxiety continued

-A person with high levels of A-trait anxiety is likely to respond with potentially higher levels of A state anxiety.

-State anxiety responses can be somatic or cognitive.

-Performers who display high competitive A trait have been found to percieve competitive situations as highly threatening and to respond disproportionately with higher levels of state anxiety.

-Stress can be measured by observation, self-report questionnaires and biofeedback.

-Stress management techniques help to reduce anxiety.

-A key issue to reduce stress is personal control.

-Cognitive stress management techniques include imagery, attentional control, cue-utilisation, thought stopping and postivie feedback.

-Somatic techniques include various types of relaxation such as progressive relaxation, breathing control.

-Goal setting should follow the SMARTER principe

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