Anti-War Movement In Vietnam

Just A Little Bit About Anti-War Movement.

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The Anti-War Movement

  • The anti-war Movement in the USA contined to gain support.
  • Which lead to wave of protests and demonstrations, many of which ended in violence e.g. the Unviverstil student who died.
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Part 2: Anti-War Movement

Why Did Some Americans Oppose The War In Vietnam?

Who were the key anti-war protestors:

  • Students.
  • Intellectuals.
  • Liberal-minded politicans.

...These however are just mainy of the few.

There were also however several aspects of the war that caused concern which led to opposition.

  • Events of the Tet Offensive seemed to indicate that the war was not being won, and that USA could never win against Guerriala warfare.
  • Many started quering the reasoning behind US involvement.
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Part 3:Anti-War Movement

Part 2: Why Did Some Americans Oppose The Anti-War Movement In Vietnam?

  • The methods of Warfare used by the USA caused concern and was seen by US public opinion as unnessasary.
  • Television and Photography played a significant role in influencing public opinion, What they were seeing did little to convince them they were winning.

...It then made it very difficult for the Government, too limit there activities.

  • Opposition to the war grew with the numbers of US casualties, and started to wonder wether such a sacrifice was worthwhile

...Students that opposed the war were that of the most violent, who organised Sit-ins and Teach-ins, Marches and Demonstrations.

  • They also launched a campaighn against the conscription of young men in the war.
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Part 4:Anti-War Movement

Part 2: Why Did Some Americans Oppose The Anti-War Movement In Vietnam?

  • In 1969 there was a large demonstrations of over 250,000 people against the war.


  • To the majority of the US public Anti-war protestors were cowards and traitors.
  • Almost 85% of Americans supported government policy in the war.
  • Invasion into Cambodia was supported by over 50% of Americans.
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