Anthropic Principle

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Marcelo Gleiser

a posteriori reasoning

"You go from beginning to end. Now its starting fronm the end and you want to create an argument based on our existence"

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Peacocke, 'The Disguised Friend'

Darwinism is a friend of religion, God sets initial conditions and natural laws, He knows the result

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"what we observe must be compatible with our existence as observers"

"observations are biased in favour of situations in which we can exist"

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Neil Manson

"The universe appears, in fact, to have been increadibly fine-tuned from the moment of its inception for the product of human life"

"led many scientists to conclude that such a delicate balance cannot be dismissed as coincidence but cries out for explantion"

"the fine-tuning of the universe is due neither to physical necessity nor to chance. It is therefore due to design"

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"meaningless to speak of our existence as improbale after the event"

strong- "the existence of rational carbon-based life forms as an explanation of the anthropic features of the universe"

but the observers have "created their own reality"

"universe was designed to permit (or, in stronger forms, to necessitate) the evolution of rational carbon-based life-forms"

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"Now whatever lacks intelligence cannot move towards an end, unless it be directed by some being endowed with knowledge and intelligence"

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Keith Ward

"the existence of a designer or creator God makes this much less improbable"

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