Anthony Eden, 1955-57

An overview of the key social, economic and political issues faced by Anthony Eden as PM

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Anthony Eden


  • Rising numbers of immigrants from the Caribbean, India and Pakistan
  • Immingration was not yet a major poilitical issue, however, immigrants did face discrimination from the public
  • Most anti-immigration thinking stemmed from housing issues


  • Post war boom
  • Jobs were becomming more readily available
  • NHS, British Rail and London Transport all recruited directly from the Caribbean
  • Stop-Go cycle
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Anthony Eden


  • Eden continued with 'one-nation' Conservative policies
  • Consensus on Labour relations continued
  • Abandoned plans to require unions to take ballots before striking and making unofficial strikes illegal
  • Did not want to act against immigration in fear of being percieved as racist
  • Macmillan had thought 'Keep Britain White' a good Conservative slogan
  • The Suez Crisis:
  • Britain and France were denounced by the UN, USSR and Commonwealth
  • The US had not been told about the invasion. Their opposition forced UK and France out before it could be recaptured
  • The crisis caused division across Britain - Eden resigned in 1957
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