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What are the key points in Yellow by jackie kay?

Jackie Kay allows the reader to admit something about themselves or their lives by starting the conversation for them. The Poem in itself is about a badly functioning family, however the 'yellow' factor in the poem is the happiness of the girl's relationship with her mother and how they can cheer each other up. In the first part of the poem the poet also thinks about childhood as the ' crocuses' yellow tongues' and ' nest of hair' are all imaginations of this little girl.

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What are the Key Points in Dulce et Decorum est?

In Dulce et Decorum est Wilfred Owen tries to so the world what a terrible thing war is. He uses imagery to show the reader what it was like on the battle fields. Most of all Wilfred Owen shows how the government and leaders treat the men in the war as if they don't matter.

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What are the Key Points in Hide and Seek?

Hide and Seek is a poem about childhood and about imagination of child hood. In some aspects the last lines might indicate that the poet wants to say something about being abandoned or feeling lonely because the child is on their own in the dark and nobody cares enough to come and find them, however, this might just be to emphasize that the child had a long imagination and stayed there for a long time.

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What are the Key Points about the House?

The House  is all about imagination being exaggerated. In fact it could be mocking the ideas of childhood by saying they where over the top. The House is because it is exaggerated thought to be from a child's point of view. 

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What are the Key points of wherever I Hang?

Wherever i hang is interestingly structured as if writing someone a letter. It talks a lot about england, first positively but then as the person seems to stay longer the idea turns more negative which could show that nobody is every happy and grass is always greener on the other side. The last sentence is humor which lightens this quite heavy hearted poem. The important message about this poem is belonging.

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What are the Key Points about Lucozade?

Lucozade is again a Jackie Kay poem where she enables somebody to talk about their feelings. In this case the theme is death and dying and having someone you love die. The poem does make us feel happy at the end because although the mother is still in the hospital, she is happy and the daughter seems to have taken her burden off of her. 

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What are the Key Points in Half-Past two?

Half-Past two is in many ways just a babble by a child who does not know the time but this poem also shows how the poet thought or thinks teachers treat children unfairly and expect too much from them. All the made up times in the poem show how the child is used to being treated like one and hence doesn't learn so it is a quite double sided, sort of, argument the poem is having.

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What are key points in You Will Be Hearing From Us

You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly is a poem about an job interview which is only viewed from the questioner's side so the reader has to provide the answers. The poem is very abstract because there are no clear guidelines to what the persons answers should be like. The feeling you get from you will be hearing from us shortly is that somebody is judging and it is so emphasized that you could start to think the poet was against this judging tone.

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What are the key points of The Send-Off?

The Send-Off is very similar in themes to Dulce et Decorum est because it makes us feel like the men going to war are dying for nothing or that nobody cares about them. The poem is very negative and grim and makes many references to death while the men are only leaving for war. In the two Wilfred Owen poems in the anthology these grim ideas seem to rein.

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What are the key points in Where the scattering be

Where the scattering began contains a lot of imagery. The poem is actually themed around what a language really is and how do we look at people and see them. Where the scattering began talks about people from one , to us, foreign culture to a place that is strange to them, and home to us.

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What are the key points in Death In Leamington?

This poem is about a lady dying away from everyone, put in a corner. The poem emphasizes how she matters to nobody and is left on her own. This creates themes like the ones of death, loneliness and caring about those who are old and frail. The nurse in the poem as well as proving that nobody noticed the lady was dead shows the contrast between life and death.

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What are the key points in Refugee Blues?

Refugee Blues is about jews not knowing where togo. As this is in current times a very emotional subject the poem is very touching. The emphasis at the end of each verse is very effective and also by saying ' my dear' the poem is more personal and makes the reader sympathize with the person speaking. The voice of the poem seems lost, confused and in a optimistic despair. 

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What are the key points about Brendon Gallacher?

Brendon Gallacher is about an imaginary friend of a boy who is the best of all things: he is older, has a cat burglar father (exciting). At the end of the poem we see Brendon Gallacher dying which could symbolize his childhood dying.

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What are the key points in electricity comes to co

The general theme in this poem is capturing the moment and how it is impossible, or thats what the poet says but ironically that is what this poem is doing. 

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What are the Key themes in War Music?

War music is the story of the trojan war so there are not a lot of themes but fighting, killing and standing up for yourself are basically it. This poem is actually a story so hard to consider as a poem but it contains a lot of imagery and poetic techniques.

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What are the key points in darkling thrush?

Darkling thrush is about someone despairing that spring will never come and then saying to trust in nature because nature with sense it and come back to life. In a way the poem is talking about everything being dead. The complex language used is very beautiful because the theme of the poem is not all together original.

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Thanks So Much!, I Completely Forgot What all the Poems Were About Because i Had my Language Exam Early. Thanks x Million :D

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