Ante-natal Tests

Ante-natal Tests

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Ante-natal Tests


Ultrasound scan

  • confirms pregnancy
  • cheks heartbeat
  • unbilical cord
  • posiyion of Placenta

Screening Tests- Check for abnormalities do not Diagnose.

  • Nuchal fold Test- ultrasound looks at the amount of fluid at the fold of skin behind babys neck. Excess fluid could indicate down syndrome.
  • Triple/Quadrouple Test- Blood test measures hormones, along with mothers age to estiamte the possibility of genetic conditions, e.g Downs Syndrome.

Diagnostic Tests-Confirm findings.

  • Amniocentesis-Amniotic fluid removed using ahollow needle iin uterus and ultrasound to detects- Spian Biffida or gentic conditions such as Downs Syndrome.
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