Antarctica - Extreme tourism

Antarctica case study

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Antarctica - Extreme tourism - attractions/activit

Attractions/activities include:





wildlife (pengiuns, seals, etc) 


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Antarctica - Extreme tourism - Problems


The land ecosystem is fragile because over 99% is covered with ice, so little is left for tourist activity

Sea ecosystem delicately balanced

Tourists can trample plants, disturb wildlife and litter

Tourists could accidently introduce non - native species or diseases that wipe out native species.

Spillage of fuel from ships

Landing sites are chosen for a special feature so quickly become honeypot sites

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Antarctica - Extreme tourism - Protection

Measures to protect Antarctica

All members part of IAATO (international association of antartica tour operators)

Antarctic treaty:

  • Designed to protect and conserve
  • Only ships with fewer than 500 passengers are allowed to land
  • max 100 passengers on shore at a time

Antarctic Tour operators code of conduct:

  • Specially protected areas off limits to tourists
  • Wildlife not to be disturbed while watching
  • no litter
  • tourists must be supervised and have a qualified guide
  • tourists musn't walk on plant life
  • sewage treated biologically and waste stored on - board ship
  • Waste must be discharge outside of territorial waters
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