Anita and Me: Events in the book with quotes

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Anita and Meena with Mr Christmas

After running down the entry Meena and Anita were shouted at by Mr Christmas who said that they were disturbing Mrs Christmas and that he will tell both of their parents. Meena begs to Mr Christmas not to tell her parents (for she was already in trouble with them) but Anita didn't care about him telling her mum. She then walks and dares him to tell her mum and calls him a soft old sod.

"Goo on then. I dare ya. Soft old sod."

  • Uncaring
  • Knows her mother (Deirdre) is not going to take any notice/not going to care

"dragging her feet deliberately, a wiggle in her thin hips."

  • She is trying to act all grown up/acting older than she is but she doesn't she does not have the figure to show off properly - "thin hips"
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Sam speaking out at the spring fair

After the Reverend Ince announced the money would be spent on the church roof, Sam spoke out against the claims. He then went on to how they get nothing and how other people get the money instead and becomes rascist. Meena is horrified but Anita doesn't do anything.

"And give everything away to some darkies we've never met. We don't give a toss for anybody else. This is our patch. Not some wog's handout."

  • Racist
  • Delebrately said to hurt people - uncaring

"I felt as if had been punched in the stomach."

  • Shocked
  • Maybe ashamed that she had feelings for Sam

"I could feel Anita shifting beside me, I knew she would not hold me or take my hand."

  • Anita doesn't care, fascinated by Sam
  • OR she doesn't want show support for Meena - ruin her ego, ruin her pride - showing signs of weakness
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Sam+Anita+Tracey fighting

Sam confesses his love to Meena while Anita and Tracey fight. Meena is angry at Sam for the things he said. Sam kisses Meena but is then interrupted by a furious Anita chucking stones at them. Sam then fights Anita and Tracey but then Tracey falls into the pond and does not emerge.

  • Causes impacts on friendship

"Yow like her better? Her! Her?"

  • Utter contempt
  • Jealous of Meena because Sam chose her
  • Blow to her ego

It is indicated that Sam was involved with the mugging of the Bank Manager

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