Animal Tissues

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Muscular Tissue

  • Cells are able to contract & release, which allows them to change shape
  • The cells are long & thin
  • They are filled with lots of contracting proteins
  • Changing shape of the tissue causes movement of the tissue or the fluids around it
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Epithelial Tissue

  • Arranged very evenly
  • Often smooth, to allow the organ to move easily around another organ
  • Forms a protective coat around an organ
  • Layers of cells
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Glandular Tissue

  • Layer of cells
  • Some cells make thick mucus to coat the cells
  • Cells are very active making and releasing products
  • Some of the cells make enzymes for digestion
  • Some cells make chemicals like acid
  • It lines the outside of the organs
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The stomach

The stomach has several tissues (including Glandular, Muscular & Epithelial)

  • Epithelial-covers the outside of the stomach and also the inner epithelial covers the inside of the stomach
  • Muscular-contracts causing the stomach to move. This will churn up the contents
  • Glandular-produces acid and enzymes, which are poured in to the stomach cavity to help digest the food
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