Animal Farm Key Characters

Key characters from Animal Farm and their beliefes etc etc

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  • oppurtunist
  • never made single contribution to rebellion
  • never shows interest in strength of animal farm, only interested in his power over it
  • only project he is enthusiastic about is training the puppies
  • makes them into his own private army, or secret police
  • Modeled on soviet dictator Joseph Stalin
  • French leader Napoleon, betrayed democratic principles, and rose to power 
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  • modeled on Leon Trotsky
  • throws himself into trying to get animalism to spread worldwide
  • his idealism leads to his downfall
  • relys on force of logic and rhetorical skill to gain his influence
  • no match for Napoleons force
  • accepts pigs are superior to the other animals
  • a reminder throughout the novel that power corrupts
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  • dedicated, loyal, with a huge capacity for labour
  • suffers working class major weakness; inability to recognize political corruption
  • Exploited by the pigs
  • Represents invisible labour that goes on underneath the political drama
  • His death illustrates the pigs betrayal
  • he serves as the force that holds animal farm together
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  • Abuses language to justify napoleons actions
  • limits terms of debate by teaching the sheep "4 legs good, 2 legs bad"
  • Complicates his language to confuse and intimidate the uneducated
  • a perfect propagandist
  • his name fits him well, to squeal could mean a pigs typical way of communication, but to squeal also means to betray which justifies his actions towards the animals.
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