Animal Behavior

Animal behavior

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Introduction & Innate Behavior

Today i will be talking about Animal Behavior, more specifically Innate Behavior vs Learned Behavior.

Innate Behavior :

Innate behaviors are those you develop on your own, which do not need to be taught or learned. You are in essence born with

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Learned Behavior

Learned Behavior : A learned behavior is some type of action or reflex that you learn. For example tying your shoes is a learned behavior, but crying is not.

A learned behavior is one that you decide to learn, unlike 'innate' behavior. This is not a natural behavior, instead it is learned by that being. You can learn these behaviors by watching others do them, such as riding a bike or learning to write.

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In Animals

animals also perform  these 2 types  of behaviour 

The Chimpanzees like other animal's instinctive behaviour is limited and can be confined to 4 broad areas:

• To eat
• To drink
• To reproduce
• To survive

these 4 areas are “hot wired” into the animals brain and under the control of the nervous system.

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Advantages Of Innate Beahavior

1)Encoded in DNA and passed from generation to generation

2)Present in animals raised in isolation from others

3)Performed in the same way each time by each individual

4)Not modified by development or experience

5)Fully developed or expressed at first performance

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advantages of learnt

1 )Acquired only through observation or experience

2) Absent in animals raised in isolation from others

3) Pattern or sequence may change over time

4) Capable of modification to suit changing conditions

5) Subject to improvement or refinement through practice

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Family Tree

Faben : Although losing his arms adapted to his disability, due to the fact that he was Flo's Son his instinctive behavior of becoming alpha was still there and he eventually became alpha male, though his younger brother overpowered eventually.

Fifi : Born with innate maternal instincts like playing house, Fifi took care of other infants in the community and learned about motherhood from Flo.

Flint : Flint had an abnormal innate behavior of clinging to his mother till he was past the age of clinging and when she died he went into isolation and stopped eating and eventually died.

Frodo : Was the biggest chimp in Gombe and this always played in advantage of because he became alpha male before his time, he then fell sick and then got bullied because he ruled with an iron fist. 

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Interesting chimp case study :) where was the observation site?

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