Animal and Plant cells

Nucleus - controls what goes on in the cell.

Cyptoplasm-  where the chemical reaction occurs.

cell membrane -  holds the shape of the cell together + controls what comes in and out of cell.

cell wall- made of cellulose which gives cell strength and support.

vacuole-contains a weak solution of salts and sugars called sap.

chloralplasts- contains green substance called chlorophyll which absorbs suns energy to make the process photosynthesis occur.

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Specialised cells

Sperm cell

Red blood cell

egg cell 

nerve cells

(all designed to do a specific job)

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cells differences

Only Plant cells have:

  • Chloralplasts 
  • Vacuole 
  • Cell wall

They both have:

  • Nucleus
  • Cyptoplasm
  • Cell membrane
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