Andreas Karlstadt

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  • Education?
  • Beliefs
  • relations with Luther
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Andreas Karlstadt


  • German Christina theologian (1486- 1541)


  • studied at University of Wittenburg
  • 1515- 16 studdied in Rome


  • 1523 Pastor or Orlamunde
  • 1534 Dean at Basil university- died there.
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Beliefs and Luther


  • believed in adult baptism
  • icons should be removed from church- factor in iconclastic riots (Zurich, Copenhagen)- urged marion pictures to be removed (1522)
  • Denied physical but affirmed spiritual presence of Christ in communion.
  • Church was corrupt- resulted in 151 thesis (1516)

Relations with Luther

  • Began on good terms- Luther and Karlstadt refused to recant beliefs and excommunicated in 1521. Luther believed they shared theological similarites (stressed in Luther's eights sermons)
  • Luter urging caution towards Karlstadt caused friction; L. argued Karlstadt and Muntzer were dangerous revolutionaries. Luther wrote agasint Karlstast in 1526.
  • Peace between the two when Luther took in K. during Peasants war.
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