And the Glory of the Lord

A summary of 'And the Glory of the Lord

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Melody + Harmony


  • 4 Main Melodies that relate to parts of the text.
  • Part 1: Syllabic (And the Glory of the Lord)
  • Part 2: Melismatic (Shall be revealed)
  • Part 3: Syllabic and Melismatic (And all flesh shall see it together)
  • Part 4: Syllabic (For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it)


  • A Major
  • Modulates to the dominant (E major) + the dominant of the E Major (B major)
  • Ends on a plagal cadence (IV-I)
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Dynamics + Texture


  • Terraced dynamics - no crescendo or diminuendo
  • There is a dramiatic rest before the final loud candence


  • The alto entry is monophonic.
  • The texture varies between homophonic and monophonic throughout.
  • The ending is homophonic.


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Affection (Mood) + History


  • Prevailing mood is joyful.
  • This is shown in the major key.
  • It is also shown in the fast tempo.


  • It is an Oratorio (Large scale work for choir, orchestra and Soloists)
  • It was composed in the 18th Century. (1741)

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