Analysing Substances

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What is Forensic Science? and what does it involve?

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This involves the investigation of substances that may have been involved in a crime. For example, analysing the alcohol content of a drivers blood. 

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Why is a quality control process needed?

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Quality Control is need because manufacturers need to know the purity of their products. This is because different products need different levels of purity. For example, copper wires need to be more pure than copper pipes.

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What is Qualitative Analysis?

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Qualitative analysis tells you what is present in a substance. For example, it well tell you if poison is present in a food.

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What is quantitative analysis?

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Quantitative analysis is finding out how much of something is present in a substance. For example, finding the amount of alcohol in the drivers blood is important because the amount of it present will depend on whether he/she is to be charged or not.

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How do you identify ionic compounds?

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They are made up of a positive ion and a negative ion. So you would conduct two different experiments to identify each ion separately. 

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How is it possible to find a "mystery compound" if there is more than two ions present?

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You would conduct a series of tests instead of just two until you can identify each everything that is present. Each ion had its own individual property so, you can identify them. 

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