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ETHER- discovered by Michael Faraday (Davy's assisstant)

- used by Robert Lister in 1846 to amputate a leg

- unstable in air (not practical)

- irritated the patient's lungs, so they would not want to take it

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CHLOROFORM - first discovered by James Simpson in 1847

- Queen Victoria used it for child birth in 1857

- victorians argued that it was against God's will to use anaesthetics, so resented the use of chloroform

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Nitrous Oxide

NITROUS OXIDE - Humphrey Davy in 1799

- first anaesthetic

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COCAIN - discovered in 1884 that it could be used as a local anaestheic

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NOVOCAIN - discovered in 1905 that it can be used as a general anaesthetic

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