Summary flashcards on Anabaptism.

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Why were the Radicals so despised?

ANSWER: The Radicals were too big of an attack on social order 

Introduction: Not only attempting to establish terrifying principles but attempting too many

Paragraph 1:

  • Adult baptism
  • Challenged hierarchy-
  • Polygamy
  • Sympathised with Turks
  • Isolated themselves
  • Evolved from the era of Luther and Zwingli; there was no room for further reform.
  • Melchiorites, Menonites
  • Bibliocentrism - rejected scripture

Paragraph 2: Radicals brought war

Michael Sattler 1553   King Jan Thomas Muntzer 1525

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How important was weak leadership among Radicals?

ANSWER: Extremely important - Anabaptists were far to separate in their aspirations to unite and succeed

Paragraph 1: 

  • List different groups to prove they were so disperate
    • e.g. Menonites, Melchiorites...

Paragraph 2: 

  • Extreme failure of King Jan
    • ideas, fighting, surrounded...

Paragraph 3:

  •  Leadership never stood a chance - too separate + exclusive
    • list all weird beliefs and methods

Conclusion:           Everyone terrified - Radicals evolved from the era of Luther and Zwingli; there was no room for further reform.

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Events at Munster 1534-35

Anabaptists took over the city and its leaders reaking havoc alongside the self declared 'King' Jan, polygamy was made mandatory, law and order had been destroyed.. 

When the city was reclaimed again "it was as if Anabaptism was a plague, all trace of which had to be eliminated before people could feel relatively safe again" (Randell)

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Seriously. .these notes really helpful

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