an inspector calls characters

the role of the character and the techniques J.B priestley uses to convey them!!

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eva smith

  • she is objectified to make her seem like an "animal" and "a thing not a person". 
  • vehicle of JBP to represent all lower class women at the time (hence the name changing at the time)- "there are millions of eva smiths and john smiths". this shows shge is very common
  • link to suffragettes.
  • binary opposites (men vs women, socialsim vs capitalism, upper class vs lower class)
  • eva is a dramtic device as she forced audience and characters to consider social responsability
  • she is also very moral- this is ironic because the upper class people ( the birlings and goole) are not
  • she is a victim of class barriers and lack of social reponsbility
  • she is a vehicle of JBP at the time to help raise issues about working class and women 
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techniques you must use!!!

  • dramatic device- 
  • playwright-  
  • suffragettes
  • well-made play
  • vehicle/mouthpiece
  • microcosm
  • socail facade
  • timeless/universal
  • dramatic irony
  • social responability
  • binary opposites
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  • she shows the class barriers and binary opposites of rich vs poor (sheila vs eva)
  • the regret of getting eva/daisy fired makes her seem more socially responsible and more Independence. the fact she got eva 'fired' contrasts her responsibility in the play. "and i know im to blame and im desperately sorry
  • there is also a generation gap between sheila and her parents, the irony is that she ends up teaching them something when the parents doubt her ability
  • on page 59 she is seen as the 'voice of reason' who sums evrything up, showing that she is becoming more dominant
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