An Inspector Calls Characters

An Inspector Calls

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Mr Birling

Lord Mayor
Bad father - cares more about the money than the ****
Wrath - Very rude to the inspector to begin with

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Mrs Birling

Women's charity
Didn't help Eva so as a result she killed her own grandchild
Pride - When Eva used her family's name she refused to help her
Bad mother - Didn't teach Sheila to be patient e.g at Milward's

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Impatience - Got Eva fired at Milwards
Jealousy - The reason she complained was that she was jealous of the way that Eva looked in the dress
Innocence - At the beginning she is innocent, grows up throughout the play

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Had affair with Daisy
Lust - had two women at the same time (greed)
Used Sheila and Mr Birling to boost his career e.g merger between two companies

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Could be a LITTLE more detailed... bbut very good for refreshing ones memory. :D



What about Eric and Inspector Goole? :p  Good basic notes though



Needs to be a lot more detailed.

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