An Inspector Calls

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What is Gerald's relation to the Birlings?

He is engaged to Sheila Birling.

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Why are Gerald's family NOT at the engagement part

Either: They are abroad or... They do not approve of the engagement due to class differences

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Why does the light in the setting arrangements cha

To make the room more revealing and uncovered- the characters are spotlighted and cannot escape

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Who are Eva Smith and Daisy Renton?

The same person: a girl who committed suicide because of various events that are linked to the Birlings and Sheila

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How did the working class girl die?

She committed suicide by drinking disinfectant

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What is Mr. Birling's crime?

He fired Eva Smith for asking for more pay

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What is Sheila Birling's crime?

She was jealous of Eva Smith, and thought she was laughing at her. Sheila complained, and caused Eva Smith to lose her job.

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What is Gerald Croft's crime?

He kept Daisy Renton as his mistress, before breaking things off with her. He was in a relationship with Sheila at the time.

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What is Mrs Birling's crime?

She refused charity to Eva/Daisy because she lied about her story, at first. Mrs Birling was predejuced.

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What is Eric Birling's crime?

Whist drunk, he force Eva/Daisy to have sexual intercourse with him. and got her pregnant

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What technique does J.B. Priestley use to make Mr

Dramatic irony. Either: Titanic ('it wont sink...') War ('the Germans dont want war...') Port/cider ('just like your father has' - trying to impress)

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