An Alpha ++ City: New York Case study

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Economic Characteristics

  • International companies are based here ie American Express
  • 1 in 10 jobs in New York is with a foregin company
  • Power of Wall Street and Federal Reserve Bank = Economic centrre of the world
  • NY STock Exchagne trades US$1000 billion in a month
  • 48 on the Global Economic Power Index - number one in hte world for economic activity
  • Wall Street generates 16% of the state's GDP
  • The average wage in the city is 1.7times the national average 
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Political Characteristics

  • victim to 9/11 terrorist attack
  • UN headquarters in the city - Malala Yousazai delivred her first speech since being shot here.
  • Mayoral system - not the capital so doesn't hae any embassies but does have consulates for most of the nations in the world
  • Hosted the MGD event in 2012 and will hold the Climate Change Summit in setp 2014
  • Never hosted the G8 or G20
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Cultural Characteristics

  • home to Broadway and musica theatre scene - rivalled only by the West End
  • founding place of punk rock with KISS and the Ramones originating in down town New York
  • Home to the New York Philharmonic as well
  • Andy Warhol famously lived and painted in New York
  • Famous monuments like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Central Park Zoo
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Infrastructure Characteristics

  • home to 65 michelin star restuarants from 1-3stars
  • Famous for shopping attractions such as Tiffany's and Co, Macey's and Bloomingdales
  • 3 major airports - LaGuardia, Newark International and the biggest being John F. Kennedy International which saw 50million passengers in 2012 (on par with heathrow)
  • Cabs are iconic in New York and 82% of cabbies are foreign born
  • Rail is the dominant mode of transport - world famous Grand Central Station located here and has 44 platforms
  • City subway system is almost 3time the size of the London Undergrouund and one of two 24hour services
  • Home to the busiest ferry in the US - 19 million people annually are taken to Staten Island
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  • long history of international immigration - 36% of the population are foreign-born
  • Popualtion of 8million (40% of the state)
  • largest public school system in the world
  • 15nationally leading medical research insitutions and centres icluding Rockefeller Uniersity
  • Home to Colombia University - 4th inUS
  • Quality of Life is much higher than that of London - 125.82 instead of 83.6
  • Most favoured residence of billionaires in the world - 96 live there compared with only 54 in London
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