an inspector calls quotes


The dinner celebrations of the engagement

  • 'Isn't it a beauty'  - shows their wealth/ puts more money on nice things but not marrying her daughter- Family/class
  • 'lower costs and higher prices'  -shows how the wealthy abuse the lower classes/ trying to pay less to the workers and sell it for more incresing his profits - Family/class 
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Trigger point

Inspector telling everyone about the suicide

  • 'Burnt her inside out'  -shows how much abuse she's been through and the pain she has suffered - Police/class/responsibility 
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Rising Action

A Chain of Events.

  • She changes her name to Daisy. - The Birlings have messed up her life so she changes it. She wants to start a new life. 
  • Gerald gets with her and has sex
  • Shelia gets her sacked. 'Nothing wrong with the way she was doing her work' - suggests that she did nothing wrong and it was all out of frustration.
  • Mr Birling sacks her- 'The girl had been causing trouble' - suggests that nothing was his fault and he's not to blame
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  • Eric- 'but afterwards she told me she didn't want me to go in' - he uses his authority and class status to force his way into her and change her life completly. He makes her pregnant. 
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Falling Action

  • Eric Birling goes to Mrs Birling 'No she did not want me to marry her'.      - He transgresses to out of his class. Rebillion. He is producing a B******D child. 
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  • The Inspector is not real 'An Inspector Calls' - They feel innocent again and feel like they have done nothing wrong 
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