An Inspector Calls Key Quotes

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Inspector Goole

"Public men...have responsibiliies as well as privileges" (Act 2)

"Millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths" (Act 3)

"We are responsible for each other" (Act 3)

"Taught it in fire and blood and anguish" (Act 3)

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Arthur Birling

"Look after himself and his own-" (Act 1)

"There'll be peace and prosperity" "nobody wants war"(Act 1)

"There's every excuse for what both your mother and I did" (Act 3)

"Titanic...unsinkable" (Act 1)

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Sheila Birling

"But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people" (Act 1)

"I know I did, I'm ashamed of it" (Act 3)

"Between us we drove that girl to suicide" (Act 3)

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Gerald Croft

"Don't say anything to the inspector" (Act 1)

"I didn't ask for anything in return" (Act 2)

"We've been had" (Act 3)

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Sybil Birling

"I did nothing I'm ashamed of" (Act 2)

"I accept no blame for it at all" (Act 2)

"If the girls death is due to anybody, then it's due to him" (Act 2)

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Eric Birling

"I call it tough luck" (Act 1)

"I'm ashamed of you" (Act 3)

"The money's not the important thing" (Act 3)

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Eva Smith/Daisy Renton

"She'd had a lot to she had to go" (Act 1)

"A nice little promising life there" (Act 1)

"Each of you helped to kill het. Remember that" (Act 3)

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