American revolution

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How many colonies were there?

13 colonies

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Why did the colonists have to obey laws that came

They were still part of the British empire as they came from Britain.

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Why did the British government tax the colonists?

The british government thought that the colonists should pay for the protection the government provided them.

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What did the British government place taxes on?

  • glass
  • newspapers
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why did the colonists object to the taxes?

the colonists did not discuss this with the British government and they wanted independance.

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What do the colonists mean by ' no taxation withou

They do not want to be taxed by the British government unless they have an MP who will speak for the colonies in Parliament

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What sparked the war of independence

  • The colonists were not happy with the taz on the tea; they all came on the ships where the tea was transported and threw them into the ocean.(1773)
  • The British government closed the American ports and forbade public meetings
  • the colonies met to discuss resistance against the british
  • Americans and British  fought over ammunition
  • 1/2 million copies of the explosive pamphlet were sold which convinced people to break from britain (1776)
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What is guerrilla warfare?

When you know the land and sneak up on your opponent.

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Why did Britain lose the war?

  • distance-American's had all their supplies with them
  • time -communications back to England took a long time
  • terrain- the americans were used to the land and knew where the hils, battlelands and british camps were
  • allies- france and spain were allies with america
  • tactics- americans could use the guerilla warfare tactic
  • motivation-the americans wanted independance and their allies were also keen on that idea
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