Martin Luthor King

Washington Speech

"I have a dream"

This march was special because it was the first speech to be broadcasted using the new telstar satelite causing his speech to be emmited worlwide.MLK speech helped push forward the civil rights legislations of the 1960s

  • Civil Rights act of 1964
  • Voting Rights act of 1965

The Birmingham marches and demonstrations

Martin Luthor King along with SCLC organised non-violent demonstrations across Birmingham they were met by Police Chief Eugene Bull o Connor and violence from the police and their police horses these were broadcasted showing the true colours of the way some places in america treat black people.

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Red Scare

America was scared that the spread of communism was gonna go across the whole globe and eventually hitting them.Marshall Plan 

 America gave away millions of Us dollars to other countrys in aid of stopping communism spreading through their countryThe USSR saw this as bribe to keep countrys capitalist

 Algar Hiss case       Algar hiss was a former senior member of the US State Department and was accused of being communist he was found not guilty but guilty of lying in court. This was an embarraesment to the Us causing a panic andd fear throughout the country.      Rosenburg Case    

Mr and Mrs Rosenburg were put on trial for sending secrets about the Usa newly designed and created atome bomb to the USSR they were found guilty and put to death however a spy in england was also found guilty and only sentenced to 14 years.                                                                                        

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Senator McCarthy made a speech in which he sayed he had on a list 205 names of communists in the state department.He claimed that some were giving information to the USSR and putting US citizens at risk. Many of these accusations were never proved but newspapers published his accusations and many beleived him

During Senate hearings he intimidated witnesses and ruining the carrears of thousands of people.This led to the Rosenburg case as the USSR had just developed their own atom bomb.

Senator tydings set up the tydings commitee to investigate McCarthys accusations but McCarthy claimed to have a photo of Tydings and a communist together however these photos were faked.McCarthy they turned towards the army in which he accused a high ranking officer and this was seen as the final straw.

Their were trials against McCarthy broadcasted on tv in which it showed him as a bully resulting in him being censured

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The Hollywood 10

HUAC (House on Un-American activities committee) was originaly set up to investigate submersive acctivities. but during the 1940s and 1950s it became focuse on investigating communism.

in 1947 HUAC began investigating the film industry asking suspects at their hearings are you know or have ever been a part of a communist party?

A group of directors and actors who refused to answer were blacklisted and jailed. These became known as the hollywood 10

100s soon followed some actors and directors left to europe to continue their work.

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Student protests and growth in movement

Student Protest began to develop in 1960s some reasons for this was after WW2 Americans hoped for wealth but only WASPs (White Anglo Saxons) got itThe young did not agree with their parents privelaged views so formed a counter culture their slogan was "Turn on,Tune in,Drop out") A major student protest group was SDS (Students for a democratic society) they drew up the Port Huron Statement in 1962. and capaigned against raicial injustice and war etc

They used non violent protest approaches until.President Nixons decision to invade Cambodia sparked off several student Protests                                                                                 

Including one at Kent State Univeristy, Ohio in May 1970. The Governor of Ohio used the National Guard to deal with protestors the students were angry that soldiers had been used and violence broke out. The national guard used tear gas and when this didnt dispearse the students, they opened fire.Four students were killed. This incident outraged many people and caused riots at universities across america. some beleived it was the protestors fault for protesting but some beleived they had the right to protest

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Hitler and Uneployment

Hitler gave work to 6million uneployed

Hitler started a programme called public works this gave jobs to thousands of people to build stuff like motorways and schools and hospitals.However the Nazis fiddled with the statistics to make it look lower than it was as they beleived jews and women did not count they were called the invisible unemployed.                                                                                                               National labour service recruited all men between 18 and 25 to join the Nazis Labour front.        The nazis introduced the Strength through Joy scheme which provided workers with cheap holidays and leisure activities.


Hitler sacked some of the generals and replaced them with nazi supporters. Goering was put in charge of the newly formed ariforce.and millitary conscription increased their army from 100 000 ment o 1.4million

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