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Name: Ambroise Paré

Born: 1510

Died:20 December 1590


  • French Surgeon
  • Royal surgeon to kings

Nationality: French

Fact: Trained as a barber-surgeon

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His Work

What he did?

  • showed how wounds could be healed
  • how ligatures/thread could be used
  • gave effective advice on amputations and setting of fractures
  • Pare made artificial limbs and new tools/instruments for surgeons to use


In 1575 he published "The Collected Works of Surgery".

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His Discovery

It was by chance that Paré made discovery about the treatment of soldiers' wounds:

  • He ran out of oil which he usually used to treat the wounds by sealing it with the hot oil


  • He made a dressing of egg whites, oil of roses and turpentine, which he put to a wound and it work better than the other method.
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