alternatives to the mulitstore modle of memory

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Levels of Processing Model of Memory – Description

Craik and Lockhart came up with the idea of levels of processing, this consists of 3 different levels, and different stimuli is processed at different levels. They suggest STM is split into shallow, medium and deep processing. There is structural , phonetic  and semantic processing. Levels of processing affects ability to retrieve, they suggest information that is semantically processed is most likely to be retrieved.

When information is processed, it can be processed at varying levels of depth:- deep and shallow processing.

  • . Processing is deep or shallow relative to other processing. You can think of varying levels of processing as falling into certain categories;
    • Graphemic: The letters that make up the word (shallow)
    • Orthographic: The shape of the printed word (shallow)
    • Phonemic: The sound of the spoken word (shallow)
    • Semantic: The meaning of the word (deep)
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