Alternatives to the medical model


Alternatives to the medical model

Behaviourist explanation: How learning processes can be used to explain the origin of mental illness, e.g Little Albert, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, social learning theory.

Cognitive explanation: How individuals with mental health illness are considered to have faulty processes, e.g negative cognitive triaf proposed by Beck, the link between irrational thoughts and mental illness as proprosed by Beck 

Humanist explanation: e.g Carl Rogers' theory involving self actualising tendency and the self-concept, Maslow's hierarchy of needs. 

Psychodynamic explanation: e.g Freud's hydraulic model, the roles id, ego, superego in explaining schizophrenia, Freud's theory of depression 

Cognitive neuroscience explanation of mental illness, e/g the increasing use og brain-imagine techniques (MRI, PET, etc) to investigate the relationshop between cognitive function and brain function as a way to identify mentall illness. 

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