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Terrace (1979)

  • Trained a Chimpanzee called 'Nim Chimsky'
  • Recorded on tape, over 200,000 communications from Nim
  • During a 2 year period
  • Concluded that there was a marked difference between Nim's communcation + child language
  • Concluded = Nim wasn't using the equivalent of human language


  • Nim Chansky's language acquistion appears to be the result of 'parrot fashion' learning RATHER than a meaningful acquistion of language
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  • Washoe had an adoptive son, Loulis
  • Researchers only signed 7 words to him
  • Loulis acquired his vocabularly of over 50 signs from other chimpanzees he lived with
  • (Washoe, Moja, Tatu + Dar)
  • mirroring the manner in which human children learn language.


This supports G&G, as it shows the chimps must have learnt and understood the signs, to be able to teach Loulis.

Furthermore, it shows how chimps can acquire language, as Loulis evidently learnt 50 signs.

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