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The Triple Alliance

  • Germany, Italy and Austria Hungary
  • Formed 1882
  • Because they wanted to isolate France in case they wanted revenge(Alsace-Lorraine)
  • Made from Dual Alliance between Germany and Austria which was formed in 1879
  • Three years later, Italy joined and it became the Triple Alliance. This was a defensive alliance with all three powers agreeing to support each other if one of them was attacked by two or more powers
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The Franco-Russian Alliance

  • France and Russia
  • Formed in 1893
  • Because the alliance was defensive and it helped France get out of isolation and if they did go to war then they would cover Germany's eastern and western frontiers so Germany would have to split its forces
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Entente Cordiale

  • France and Britain
  • Formed 1903-04
  • Because, although they had a friendly agreement, they joined together to sort out problems with Germany not wanting an alliance with France or Britain and so Britain could sort out the Eygpt reforms without French interuption and the Franch could go without British opposition into Morocco
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Anglo-Russian Entente

  • Britain and Russia
  • Formed 1907
  • Signed mainly due to French influence as France was already an alliance with Rusia and had signed the Entente Cordiale with Britain.
  • Britain and Russia were keen to settle areas of difference in the Middle East, especially Persia, and the Far East. 
  • Britain now had agreements with France and Russia and this is often refered to as the Triple Entente, although no such alliance actually existed

This increased tension in Europe. It was like having two rival gangs fighting for influence. A dispute between one of the members could wel involve other members. This would turn a dispute between two countries into a major conflict between all six.

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Triple Entente

  • Britain, France and Russia
  • Formed 1907
  • For protection 
  • Intimidation - surrounding Germany from all sides
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Splendid Isolation

Splendid Isolation is how Britain described themselves in relation to the rest of Europe. They were happy not to get tangled in the affairs of the other European countries and alliances. They were happy to stay out of the alliances as long as no alliance gained complete control. They knew they had to keep up their defences but were happy to know they weren't likely to get attacked.

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Kaiser Wilhelm II foreign policy

The Kaiser was jealous of the British Empire and wanted theirs to be as great (or even greater) than the Brits.

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