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Cards are what i have learnt from year 7 till year 9.

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Burning metals

Burning metals


Different flames in bunsen burner

  • Safety - This flame is the most easiest to see.
  • Normal - This flame is unnoticable as you cannot see it.
  • Roaring - This flame is blue and purple. It is used to burn solids. The tip of the blue flame is the hottest.


Fire triangle


The elements in the triangle create fire. Taking one of them out would not make fire.

Flamable - It means when something burns easily.


The bunsen burner


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Fuels and Energy

Fuels and Energy


Fuels stores energy. Energy is released when fuels burn.

  • Charcoal is a fuel because it stores energy.
  • The body uses food as fuel.
  • Energy is measured in Joules (J).
  • The ideal fuel is easy to light. It also needs to burn for a long time and give out least smoke and ash.
  • Ethanol is one of the nest fuels

There is different types of energy, such as:

  • Heat energy
  • Movement energy
  • Sound energy
  • Light energy
  • Chemical energy
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Solids, Liquids and Gases

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Solids - There are only a few solids that can change to a liquid.When a solid   melts to change to a liquid this is called melting.

Liquids - When a liquid such as water changes, This is either called evaporation where the liquid turns in to a gas or solidification where the liquid turns in a solid.

Gas - When a gas souch as water vapour changes into a liquid, it is called condensation.Some gases can be dangerous such as carbon monoxide. Oxygen is breathed in by us. Carbon Dioxide (Co2) is taking in by plants to make oxygen.


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